Q&A With Triple J

Text by C. Keyes

Interviewing Triple J was like a breath of fresh air. Not only did I get to know him as a musician, I felt like I got to know Jeremy Jordan-Jones as an individual. He’s a brilliant guy in many different ways and once you read this interview you’ll find out what I mean.

Q: When did your love for music begin?

A: Waaay back in 6th grade I would listen to literally everything–classic rock, old hip-hop, new school. everything. But I don’t think i got really into it until maybe 7th grade.

Q: So you started to write back then?

A: Yea…a good friend of mine had told me about his brother’s venture into music, and told me I was welcome to come through and check it out. The second I got over there I knew I wanted to seriously get into hip hop.

Q: Cool, so when you really got into music and hip hop. How did you take those steps toward your passion and is/ was your family supportive?

A: I just wrote raps literally every day, all day…it kinda hurt my school work, but it was whatever. My family was pretty supportive of me having a hobby I was pretty passionate about, but as it got more serious along the way, they really started to lose their enthusiasm about it; I guess they weren’t able to acknowledge how passionate I really was, or that I was really serious about it. But now, they’re pretty aware of how far it’s gotten me. I guess they’ll start to soften up to the idea sooner or later haha

Q: Yeah especially with all your recent success. So your in a band as well; The Band Eclype. Do you plan on staying with them as your solo career advances?

A: Yea, absolutely. The tattoo speaks for itself. Eclypse Till I Die. They’re my family. Truth be told, I wouldn’t be where I am right now (even as a solo artist) without them.

Q: With your latest mixtape; Of Mics and Men. Was there a certain inspiration behind it, that perhaps influenced the sound and vibe?

A: Well, it was the first completely original piece of work we (Will Henderson and I) had really ever done, so we went about it like a full-length album. We decided we wanted a somewhat theatrical or literary feel to the whole thing, almost as if each song was its own scene; not in any particular sequence, but just telling stories. That’s why I decided to call it “Of Mics and Men”…it was really a series of short stories and monologues. We also incorporated a lot of abstract sounds that aren’t often heard in rap–a lot of orchestral sounds like timpanies and string quartets. It was definitely a very musical hip-hop album.

Q: Yeah definitely original, I love the concept. So what are the distinct differences between “Of Mics and Men” and “Third Times the Charm”?

A: We (“We” being the circle of musicians i roll in) look at Third Times The Charm as a mixtape; very rap-influenced, grittier, very lyrical. Of Mics and Men had a lot of room to explore, because it was completely original. I would say the primary difference is “Third Time’s The Charm” displays me more as a rapper, whereas “Of Mics and Men” displays me as a musician

Q: When it comes to musical artists, is there one that stands out to you and a certain artist you would like to mold your career after?

A: (Laughs) I was actually asked a similar question today, and it was just as hard to answer…I would say, pretty much anybody that I listen to today stands out to me; I’m not really one to listen to forgettable music. but i think as far as my career, it’d be a toss up between Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z. I say that because Pharrell is known by everybody as an artistic genius. He raps, sings, writes, produces, designs clothing, and more. Actually just found out today he’ll be working with harley davidson, which really attests to him just being an artist. But I like jay’s career because he’ll always be revered as one of the most consistent guys to ever do it. And I don’t think that other than him (and maybe T.I.), I’ve ever seen anybody declare them self the king, and have virtually EVERYBODY agree with him. hopefully that answer is sufficient hah.

Q: So transitioning from music into your personal style a little bit. How would you describe your style and do you have a favorite/ go-to brand?

A: over the last year, i’ve really developed a taste for multiple styles; i’ll really wear anything that’s comfortable…don’t get me wrong, i’m not one to leave the house looking completely sloppy, but if it works, it works. I’ll wear anything from YSL to some random shit i find at Nordstrom. I love the preppy look; I have a ton of Lacoste in my wardrobe. the rest of my band members used to give me shit about being too preppy haha. I also love the more chill looks, with snap-back hats and comfortable tees from places like american apparel or scoop. I guess it really depends on my mood from day-to-day.

Q: Yeah I know what you mean. So do you think being from Scarsdale, NY affects the way people view you as a rapper?

A: One hundred percent. But fuck it. There’s talent literally everywhere, it’s a shame so many people overlook it. In fact, I’d attribute a fair amount of my lyricism to the education I recieved in Scarsdale. Hip-Hop and rap aren’t about where you come from. it’s all about how passionate you are.

Q: I remember you mentioning that you’re moving to the city, what are your goals and what is next for Triple J?

A: Well my apartment situation got kinda put on hold, which was actually a good thing – I’m still very close (location-wise) to the rest of the band, so it’s pretty easy for me to get to the studio, and I’m always traveling, so theres really no need to re-locate. There’s a lot on the schedule really…a lot of big shows coming up, as well as a mini college tour, just getting the word out. I’m actually already at work on my next mixtape, doing collabs with other artists, features on other mixtapes. I’m really excited. The Band’s album comes out labor day, and the 16th seed (side project by me and LED, the other rapper in the band) album will be out soon after that. I’ll pretty much be either recording or traveling every day for the next 5 months. the (forsee-able) future’s looking pretty good.

Response: Jet-setting, love it haha. Everyone at We&LTH is so excited to see what you do next.

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