September’s 9

                                                                     9 Indie Tracks for 9/x/2011



                                                                    Neon Indian – Hex Girlfriend

 One of my favorite new artists i’ve heard this year, Alan Palomo’s sound is infectious. A mix of synthesizer with heavy guitar rips through my heart when I’m plugged in to this glow-fi master. Era Extraña was released on the 13th. If you dig Hex Girlfriend, then check this other cut from the album. Video by Tim Nackashi.



                                                                       Real Estate- Green Aisles 

 Calming and smooth, Green Aisles is Real Estates’ latest release.Their LP, slated for 10/17 release, has my ears wide in excitement. A great song, released for the first day of fall, it brings goosebumps with my every listen. Real Estate’s “It’s Real” also is in the Itunes.



                                   Simian Ghost – Free Agent

Effervescent and melodic, “Free Agent” is proof that chillwave as a genre is growing, with more than capable artists now joining the likes of Toro y Moi and Washed Out in releasing quality content. Simian Ghost is no different, as this single is a nice, chill listen. The track playing and stopping in the song is a neat gambit as well.


                                                                       Oberhofer – Got to Go 

Oberhofer released this single from their upcoming lp (slated for a 10/4 release), and it has me very excited to see the development of this talented band, as I had their 2010 hit, “Away Frm U”, on repeat. What makes them special is the lead’s very british sounding vocals, as it adds a vintage londonesque vibe. Reminiscent of a scorned lover from dying summer romance, this track has a very end-of-summer feel to it, yet it is upbeat enough to inspirit that early fall excitement we all are feeling.



                                                                 Domo Genesis – Benediction 

 Domo Genesis, of the quirky, yet very odd OFWGKTA, is the latest artist from the collective to release music recently. Yet, this unheralded geniuses’ music eclipse’s all of the previous releases from Odd Future notwithstanding Frank Ocean. (especially since the filth that they call BlackenedWhite was released by MellowHype), Domo’s lyrics masquerade legends like Big L and Nas in this dark monologue. Without a hook, he weaves in out of tantalizing lyrics with ease, and it all bridges together so smoothly without the disgusting lyrics we hold our ears for when we listen to Tyler and Earl. Is this the beginning for Domo? Hope so.



                                                                   Gauntlet Hair – Keep Time

 Denver-based band Gauntlet Hair  is under my eye this fall. Keep Time is their uplifting lead single from their upcoming debut, and it leaves me wondering where they could go with their sound. The thick cords they pull opens this track well and the melody is strong throughout.


                                                          Washed Out – Wicked Game (Chris Isaaks cover) 

Ernest Greene’s wonderful Within and Without surely isn’t the last we have seen from the chillwave genius in 2011 (Pictured with very unlikely yet impressive company). As he covers this Chris Isaak song, you can see why the hype around this up-and-comer is real. For those who failed to hear one of the albums of the summer, check this out.


                                                                   Korallreven – As Young as Yesterday

Korallreven, the latest “Swedish Sensation”, sounds quite different from the sensational we are used to from Sweden (Lykke Li, Avicii, Ikea, and especially Ibra). This new single, featuring Victoria Bergsman, has been remixed by the likes of Panda Bear in the past few days, but nothing beats the original.


                                                      Twin Shadow – Changes 

Another fall-inspired tune, “Changes” is a George Lewis’ cover of Bagare’s 1982 Italian classic. Lewis shows consistency with his latest release, as many pundits questioned whether he could follow up 2010’s Forget. The song choice is brave, yet done masterfully.

                             Mix of the Month

Kaskade’s BBC Radio 1 Mix

Hate being laptop DJ forever? This mix is over two hours long, yet kept me vibing out the whole time. One of the best Radio 1 Mixes I’ve heard.


  1. Spencer

    Dude, Kaskade’s Mix is dirty. I love that shit.

  2. Most Dope Blog , wise man Osman, good taste in music, i like the flow of the page in its entirety also.

  3. daniel bangura

    Look tha crazy sound tracks

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