Music Mondays

Future Islands- Balance

Slow opening, “Balance” is a track made for that repeat button.  “It Just Takes Time../It Just Takes Time..” goes the hook, sung powerfully over the boardwalk guitar pulls, not overpowering but completing the calm, yet somehow upbeat sound. The beachy drive feel of the track coupled with the tantalizing lyrics leave me mesmerized. A cut from their upcoming LP On The Water, out on Wednesday.

Can’t Come Down – Ad.d+

“Throwed in this bitch/Throwed in the frame” Once I heard that Fat Pat sample, I fell in love. Any rapper who waxes eloquent knows who Fat Pat is. Ad.d+ is eloquent. In partnership with the soft female vocal, this provides the backdrop for A.dd+(pronounced like the reason Facebook helps us do work) to describe his ethereal high in HD. A strong showing for a up and comer from Chicago.

The Weeknd – Initiation

 Cryptic R&B staple, Abel Tesfaye has caused a lot of mayhem in 2011. Cult classic House of Balloons was followed by so-so Thursday, and everyone has their heart held for upcomer Echoes of Silence. Personally, I think that nothing will top the heights from his first release, but this doesn’t help me from being eager for Oct.24 to come. After fellow OVOXO comrade Drake delayed his Take Care project, this release will tide me over till both records drop.

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