Album Review – Live.Love.A$AP

A$AP Rocky’s official debut tape (Download->) Live.Love.A$AP has been waited on for a long time. His meteoric rise harks back to early 2011’s Tyler the Creator of ODFWGKA, as the “A$AP” crew follows the lead of their confident captain. The braided, Harlem-repping MC has had a large underground for some time. What started the ball rolling was the release of “Purple Swag”, an atypicial weed anthem that drips, a bass-filled melting pot of Texas trill and Harlem swagger. His mixed background of New York and Houston have created a strange, yet entrancing combination of a sound, echoing Houston greats like Z-RO whilst trying keeping his New York roots intact. He constantly reminds us that his rapping about good, old “money, clothes, and hoes” isn’t the typical blasè, and his references to purple drank and haze makes us want to get just as faded as he is. His confidence and ego are his greatest assets, as we hear him threaten us with quotes such as “Pretty Mothafucka/Harlem’s what im reppin/Tell ’em quit the bitchin’ we gon make it in a second”, making the case to us that he couldve been J.Cole had he met J.Hov. He knows he’s going to make it, and after listening, one has to agree.

The mixtape itself, however, showcases almost as much of Clam Casino’s producing talent as it does A$AP’s rapping. The 16 track tape has a number of producers, from southern rap staple DJ Burn One to Miami’s Spaceghostpurrp. The man who steals the show however, is Clams Casino. His complex, dark beats assist A$AP’s marauding style throughout. As you take a listen through, one feels that A$AP’s style and talent are best showcased by Clams, as the drop off between the other produced tracks is noticable. Hardly a new face, Clams Casino has created beats like this for the likes of Lil B, and this mixtape does nothing more than enhance his burgeoning reputation. I’m interested to see if A$AP Rocky can create such magic consistently without the help of Clams.

The Highlights


The obvious lead track, A$AP starts the track of with his trademark “Pretty Mothafucka” persona. Rapping about living his “Peso” lifestyle, filled with women, drugs and money, we can see how big his ego is. The hook’s Carribean feel adds so much, and the video shows his undying loyalty to his crew and lifestyle.


Clams’ beats create these tracks. I warn you not to blast them too loudly, because most speakers would tremble under the powerful bass that reverberates.A$AP’s monologues are enhanced and perfected by the art of Clams. These are Casino’s best work on the album.

“Get Lit”

The best weed anthem on the tape, A$AP’s words flow in and out, painting a picture of his combo of sex,  women and drugs.

“Out of this World”

The best song on the whole album. Strangely, its the only one produced by The Olympicks. A$AP’s ego is shattered for a little while in the beginning, telling us what pushes him on, how his wish to succeed stands above all else for him. His bitterness toward rejection is obvious, a perfect ending to a album dedicated to his come-up.

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