• Jazz | President
  •; @jazzcartier; Secret Savage
  • Born in Toronto, but the world raised me. In 17 years, I’ve lived in Toronto, Idaho, Barbados, Texas, Georgia, Kuwait, Connecticut, Virginia and now I currently live in Africa. Private school definitely has made a huge impact on my life, from the way I dress, the way I speak, and how I view life. When I was 16 I shot my first music video, appeared on TV and Radio making quite a name for myself. Now at 17 I’m in the process of releasing my first album, Losing Elizabeth amongst other things. I love barbecue sauce. I’m interested in women, preferably early 40s. I like long walks to Whole Foods, I enjoy bubble baths while listening to Norah Jones; City and Color on a bad day. Between Jihad and I, I tend to be the rebel, often stubborn, always right.
  • Jihad | Editor-in-Chief
  •; Clean-favored & Imperially Thin
  • Living in New Jersey, working in the city, and going to boarding school in Connecticut has given me what I like to call the true Tri-State Area experience. Throughout my entire school career, I have always attended private school, and have surrounded myself by the best people. Although I don’t come off as the outdoorsy type, I attended a summer camp in Vermont for seven consecutive years and that’s where I learned everything about the outdoors. In 2009, I enrolled in the same school as Jazz & Damien, an all boys school in Connecticut. Regarding the blog, I am here to contribute my personal fashion interests, and in addition to that, my personal thoughts on past & present trends. I truly hope that you all enjoy what I have to give.
  • Chelsea | Executive Editor
  •; @chels_e_uhh; The Sweetest Taboo
  • Born in New Haven, but raised in a suburb outside of Hartford, Connecticut. I attended an all girls’ school in Connecticut and was a proud day student. I am a golfer, filmmaker, aspiring journalist, and essentially anything (and everything) else. I am the quintessential “Vineyarder” in every possible way. Although I am a recent high school grad, I am still connected to my prep school roots. I the fall of 2010 I will be atteneding school in Boston, MA. I hope through my future posts, you as a reader will get a better understanding of who I am and my perspective.
  • Becky | Music Editor
  •; @blbolton11; Symphony of Dope
  • So here’s the deal. I’m eighteen years old, I’ve spent every day of my life up until now attending the Montclair Kimberley Academy, a prep school in a New Jersey suburb of New York City. Born and raised a prep kid in the Northeast was great and all.. but on August 20th I’ll be moving out to Indianapolis to attend Butler University and start working towards my degree in both Business and Recording Industry Studies. Scary, right? Anyway, I’ve been involved in the new school music scene for over a year now. My first real contact being a much younger and scrawnier Mac Miller. He pushed me to get involved so in May of 2010 I started my own blog, Suburban17. That took off, and I was offered a job at GoodMusicAllDay where I’ve been blogging since October of 2010. I’ve attended countless shows, done many interviews, and had just about every other odd job you can think of from management to video shoots. Now it’s time to get on my grind for the summer, I’m back home with the Vineyard Valet family and I’m here to bring you the freshest new music, most exclusive interviews, and updates on upcoming shows. Get excited, it’s going to be one hell of a summer.
  • Sharika | Fashion Editor
  • @sharikatharani
  • From as far back as I can remember, fashion has always been a passion of mine. I guess growing up with parents in the fashion industry has shaped me into the person I am today. From a young age, I was privileged enough to be exposed to the fabulous industry therefore being able to travel around the world, not only to follow trends but to spend time with family as well. Speaking of which, is very worldly and diverse. From kindergarten to eighth I attended an all-girls private school and switched to a co-ed private school freshman year l. What makes my high school experience different is the fact that I will be traveling abroad to Spain for my junior year. Being in Spain is perfect as Europe is one of my favorite places when it comes to fashion and culture. Through my future posts, my love for fashion and traveling will hopefully give you more insight into the person I am.
  • Os | Pirate
  • @OstrichOs
  • My name is Os. Short for Osman. According to Wikipedia, that means “baby bustard”. I survived two years at Red Ridge. I love ketchup, and I love college. Is the least-most traditional Somali ever. Born in Virginia, but attending college in Arizona. “It was sunny on Sunday, but it rained on Saturday” was the Cassidy line that changed my life. Blonde. Outright lier. Chill-wave enthusiast. Thom Yorke is my favorite member of G-Unit. I can’t swim or ride a bike. Does that make me a individual? I am in the process of learning how to fly. My readers are my wings.

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